Friday, September 23, 2011

Smile Untill It Hurts

Sometimes I smile so much my face hurts. How great is that? Today I talked to so many nice people, folks I've never met before and now my face hurts.  While it's actually an unpleasant feeling, and I'm ready to stop smiling for a few minutes, I have to be thrilled by the cause.  My face hurts from smiling. If I'm smiling I must be happy. This odd condition also tells me I don't smile enough, so I'm going to make sure I'm smiling when I'm happy. The truth is everybody looks younger and more interesting when they are smiling. Do you want a teacher that smiles or frowns. Do you like the garbage man who smiles or glares. If you get arrested do you want the pissed off cop or the one who smiles. And waitress...who wants an angry waitress...please give me a happy waitress or bartender. So, before you run out a pay 7,000 dollars on a face lift, try smiling till it hurts.

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