Monday, June 18, 2012

I Love My Vet, Dr. Mark Bell

I love my vet, Dr. Mark Bell. He understands my big, fat, hairy dog, Theo. And more importantly, he understands me.

And now, I love him even  more (ok, he's pretty handsome too and that helps) because he has a pill I can give Theo every month and it kills all his fleas in less than 48 hours. Theo is a big dog, over 100 pounds, and he's half Chow, so he has a ridiculous thick red coat. His fur is so thick I can't actually get  his skin wet when I wash him with a garden hose.

But this pill, which only costs 17 dollars per month does the trick.  Apparently it makes Theo toxic to   fleas cause they give up the ghost almost instantly. 

I am a notoriously bad bet owner. I feed and love them but that's about it because we live in the country and have four children.. When we leave town for a day we just put Theo out with food and water on the porch. Dr. Bell doesn't judge me or make me feel bad for not getting Theo professionally groomed or sent to a   doggie spa. But we really really love Theo. So much in fact, my son Jack got a tattoo of him (not his own mom). Weird, right?

But when we do have a problem, damn it, Dr. Bell s always got time to squeeze us in and take care of my boy. And he doesn't look at me funny when I sit down on the cold tile floor to keep Theo company.  He just sits right down next to us.

If you need a vet and live in Hot Springs, he's your man...and Theo's too.