Thursday, September 15, 2011

He's Not A Stupid Stoner Anymore!

Walking through Wal-Mart I ran into a boy I  knew five or seven years ago. He was in my daughter's class. Back then he was a sorry punk loser and I figured he'd end up with neck tatts in prison. He was the kid with a messed up family who hit mail boxes with a base ball bat at least twice a year. He picked on little kids on the school bus then when he got older he drove like an idiot around the elementary school building. I'm pretty sure he's the kid that spray painted cuss words on the kinder garden slide and play house. Yeah, he was horrible. But now James seems to be just fine. I saw him this weekend, he's 22 years old and looks great. He's going to the Community College and working for the Parks Department. He introduced me to his girlfriend and they have a beautiful little two year old son. He shook my hand then gave me a hug. I'm so happy.

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