Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Jacking Your Cash!

"Oh my gosh, look what I just found. A wad of bills in my pants pocket!." or  "Look, I found eight dollars in these jeans I haven't worn in a month."  That's one of the best feeling in the world. Of course as you unroll the money blob you are hoping there's a twenty in the middle. But even if there isn't, finding money, even your own money is so cool. Because for some weird reason it's free money. I can do anything I want with money I find in my pants pocket or better still in the washing machine.  If I'm doing the laundry and find a ten dollar bill, I'm keeping it buddy. I don't care who's pants it came out of, that Jackson is mine and there's no telling what I'm gonna do with it. Hell, I might buy ten dollars worth of gummy worms and call it a happy day.
Moral of the story...do your own laundry

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