Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Bitch Switch Has Been Flipped

     Sometimes it's best to roll around in your bad mood, just give into it and be pissed off, be grumpy and irritable. Today I have a serious case of the "whatevers" and that's not good. For the first couple of hours this morning I tried to fight it. I tried to find thing the be happy about, but right around ten o'clock i said 'screw it I'm in a bad mood. End of story, kids stay away from me.' I don't even know what happened to flip my bitch switch but everything is bugging me and I guess that's ok. Sometimes I guess we need to wallow around in our bad mood like a pig in mud, roll over, get that grumpiness all over you.
On a positive note, now that I'm officially grumpy, I feel a little better.

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