Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Snacks Make EVERYTHING Better

I love unexpected  snacks at the office. Seriously, it makes the day so much better.  It doesn't have to be any thing elaborate just a little bit of yum. It's that moment when I turn the corner to walk into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and TA DA! There's a bowl of homemade Chex Party Mix! Surprise snacks mean somebody in the world wants me to be happy, they aren't mad or disappointed and trying to get something out of me, they just wanted to leave something to snack on. And not knowing who left the snacks, those secret snack givers are even better because then, when you look around you think, 'hey, maybe your the nice person who left me those chocolate chip cookies."  Snacks really improve super boring office meetings and sometimes keep me from making an excuse to leave. I know magazines are always talking about eating too many unhealthy snacks at the office, shut up.  I'm not gonna eat the whole try of brownies, I swear. But I do think I'll have  just one more.

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