Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Love Paying Full Price Because I'm Not That Smart

      I absolutely love thrifty/cheap/bargin hunting people, especially the ones who use  coupons. You know, the one's I throw away every week cause I'm a moron and like giving giant corporations all my money.  Last week I was behind a woman in Kroger with a beautifully organized box of coupons. She had 50 bottle of Gatorade and they were all going to be free because of her coupons.  She had two baskets over flowing with food and was patiently going through her file box. I asked if I could stand next to her and watch her totals.  I swear to you, this ladies' $386 dollar grocery bill rolled back to $74 dollars. I was actually cheering for her.  She said she spent about 10 hours a week working on her coupons, as result she saved $312 dollars. Wow.  My friend Cara is super thrifty too and always makes me fill out stupid forms on facebook then I get awesome free stuff in the mail. So thanks Cara.  She actually has a blog about saving money and getting free stuff.  Cara brags that she has 26 boxes of cereal at home so she can donate to charity all the time and she works over consignment stores like a CPA in tax season. So hats off to all you coupon clippers.  You attack your grocery bill like a linebacker, determined to knock it down. It's a sport, a hobby, a passion, a disease I wish I could catch.


  1. Aw thanks Diana for the plug. YOU can do it too and I can teach you how! :)

  2. I like to save money, but the time commitment intimidates me. I flip through and grab coupons from the weekly flier mailed to me for things I buy on a regular basis, but have not yet graduated to buying the Sunday paper. Maybe someday...

  3. I love coupons! I save lots! I am the one at the register with a coupon for everything. It make take a little time to gather all coupons and discounts, but it is so worth it. Even my little ones have fun. We make it a hunt to find the item shown on coupon.