Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stupid Swivel Store

I got the Swivel Store, spice rack thing, for my birthday. I was very excited.  I've been wanting it for months because I believed it would improve my life and my kitchen cabinets.  I loaded it up with all the spices I never use, curry, marjoram, allspice. Who uses that stuff?  But when I tried to put it in the didn't fit. It's too tall. That's sad but we also got a pull up bar for the doorway and it's awesome. Everyone told me if you hang a bar, you'll want to do chin ups.  It's true, everybody has spent the day trying to do them. I managed tow, jack did dozen, Lexie almost got one and Sandor and his little buddies tried for hours to do a few. They pulled and pulled until their skinny little arms were shaking.  So, no luck for the spices but say yes to the chin up bar. Get you some guns!

1 comment:

  1. I've actually talked to like 3 people who've told me the same thing, about the chin up thing. But I'm pretty sure if I got one I'd just find a way to hang my purses on it, and I'm too tall to have purses hanging down in my face all day.