Monday, October 3, 2011

The Perfect Birthday Gift

I love knowing exactly what I'm going to get someone for their birthday.  Lexie turns 15 this Friday and there's not a doubt in my mind what I'm buying. And she's going to love the ____________________. When she opens the box/package she willl make all kinds of happy noises, she'll do the little happy dance, I love so much. Yeah, the ____________will fit, will be perfect, will be loved, unlike the Swivel Store that didn't fit in my cabinet this weekend. Because I know exactly what I'm getting her I don't have to wander through the Mall picking up weird shirts and hats and books she doesn't care about. I don't have to hold up odd looking jewelery and wonder if she will think it's cool. And I don't have to buy her a pet that might die in six month because she'll forget to feed it. (wait  minute, that wasn't Lexie, that was Mary who accidentally killed her pets. She gave them plenty of love but not enough water) Lexie is gonna love the ______________and I'm gonna be a hero.

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