Monday, October 10, 2011

A Guitar That Sounds Like Dolphins! DQ

DQThere are two things I love about Dairy Queen, first the commercials. they are really really funny. They blow bubbles with kittens in them. That's funny.  These commercials are so good, when they come on the tv everybody in the house starts yelling at each other so we can all watch.That hasn't happened since my grandmother fell in love with Sheriff Matt Dillon in Gun Smoke in 1968.  Here's the link to the one about the guitar that sounds like dolphins. second thing I love are the their mushroom Swiss burgers. Oh my Lord, they are so yummy. The smell is intoxicating and they taste better than any burger I've eaten in years.  When I get burgers I try not to eat the bun so I sit in DQ with a yummy slippery grilled hamburger covered in mushrooms and Swiss cheese. I might look disgusting but man am I happy.

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