Monday, February 27, 2012

Hot Springs...Our Worthless Priceless Mountains

Thank You Lord, oil, diamonds, coal and gas have never been found in our lovely little camel hump mountains.  Hot Springs, Arkansas has beautiful little mountains, they are tiny compared to other mountain rangers, made only  of dirt and rock, covered with  trees and of course there's some super special hot water lowing through them. That's it.  Nothing to go after, nothing that will make a man rich, nothing worth destroying a mountain for.  Thank you Lord.  Because out mountains are so magnificent and if some precious stone or resource was discovered in the heart of these Zig Zag mountains they would be eaten up by bull doziers and blasting caps. Ahhh but no worries for us.  Our splendid little mountains remain and we get to look, hike and meander.We have mountains that are nearly worthless but absolutely priceless.

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