Thursday, February 16, 2012

BBQ In Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs has some of the greatest BBQ on the planet.  We are so blessed by the God of Ribs.  And most of out bbq joints have been here for years and years.  My personal favorites are Stubby's, on central across from Oaklawn and Mickey's and funky little place on Highway 5, next to the National Park.

Hot Springs is most famous for McClards and I love going there but I I like thick brown sweet and spicy sauce.  That's just how I was raised.

So, Stubby's has Chris the owner, whom I adore and amazing meat.  Go for the ribs or chicken. Mickey's has the best chopped beef and pork sandwiches and I can't stop eating their damn beans.

BBQ, I think, is one of the foods that helps fight depression. So go get you a big plate with lots of sauce and start smiling.

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